08 June 2020

What happened in Dubai? 락다운 해제 첫 주말 두바이의 모습

What happened in Dubai??? After UAE govt easy the COVID19 lockdown, I drove Dubai city centre by E311 highway and Sheikh Zayed Rd (Main highway of UAE. Connected between North UAE and Saudi Arabia border for UAE).
I saw many empty Ad boards even these were just next of the Sheikh Zayed Rd. I'd never seen this before and looked like the economy is terribly broken. Hopefully, it recovers soon but I don't believe it is possible in a few years.

Old Korea pictures - Memory of Korea

The starting. I hadn't interested much about old Korea pictures, but suddenly saw some pictures on internet. That was very old and black&white pictures only and several pics were very socked. So, I've tried to find more quality pictures to share what happened and what was the actual living quality at that time. Thank you Veterans! and everybody helped and fought for ...