14 July 2020

Picnic/Day trip in UAE: The best beach near Dubai

UAE is the best country to enjoy beaches in all seasons. Of course, summer days are not advisable (it is possible but you definitely would get sunburned all over) to stay or play at beaches, but even evenings in summer and all other seasons you can enjoy swimming at the beach all day.
However, some beaches are private (e.g. hotel or private property), crowded on weekends, no showers or very expensive parking areas and no shade.
Lots to consider when we needed to find a nice picnic area or a beach., Especially, when we had no idea what we can do and what we should not do at the picnic area or the beach. So, I'll tell you what beach is my favourite one, where it is and what are the official and unofficial rules for visiting there./

1. Beach for camping and cooking - Al Aqah Beach (called Snoopy Island and Aqua Beach)
Benefit: It is suitable for camping, cooking even lighting bonfires. I saw many people snorkelling, swimming and fishing there also. I couldn't see anybody doing surfing and kite surfing but I think it may be possible. You can park your car on the beach road or at the beach.
Disadvantage: There is no toilet and fresh water showers. That means there is no place to change your clothes after swimming. The other things are crowds of people on weekends and holidays. Many people go camping during the weekends and holidays. This area has a famous beach since a long time ago, called Snoopy Island beach, Aqua Beach, but the official name is Al Aqah beach. As usual, you could see some trash and burned charcoal easily in the sand. However, I don't think there is much dirtier than Dubai public beaches.

Tips: If you want to go camping at the beach especially during the weekends, you should go there as early as possible. Of course, the nice camping spots at the beach are first come first serve. The best camping spot is just next to the resort. For picnics or swimming, don't forget to have some fresh water to wash your feet and a small tent for changing clothes. Remember, you cannot find a toilet or any spot for hiding, so don't drink too much! If you go there from Dubai, you can find the last public toilet in Kholfakan city area. Lastly, the beach is the west side sea of UAE, so you can see the best sunset at the beach.

The beach - From 25°29'13.4"N 56°21'37.0"E to 25°29'27.3"N 56°21'39.8"E
The beach parking - From 25°29'12.3"N 56°21'35.9"E to 25°29'27.1"N 56°21'35.9"E. Also, nearby 25°29'24.9"N 56°21'34.5"E
The best camping spot - 25°29'27.1"N 56°21'38.4"E
The best sunset point - 25°29'19.5"N 56°21'36.6"E (You can see the best sunset on Snoopy island)
High seasons: All seasons, but remember there is no shower and no shade.

2. Beach for a family picnic - Khor Fakkan Beach
Benefit: You don't have to bring your sunscreen or sunshades or chairs. You can find a free table under the big tree just in front of the beach. Also, you can park your car just next to the beach area. The other benefits are free hot water shower and the newly built toilet that has A/C. If you want to ride a boat, many boats are waiting for you for 70-100AED (The price for a one-time ride for a group, not for a person).
Disadvantage: No fire, cooking and camping allowed in all of the beach areas. If you make any kind of fire or cooking, they will give you expensive fine. However, you can find many local and international food restaurants nearby the beach. I'm not recommending to wear a bikini and no shirts. The beach is in front of a mosque, so I wore a shirt as soon as possible after swimming to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Tips: Not many people were there on weekends. However, if you arrive there after 10am, you cannot find any free tables under the trees. As you know, the local families used to make some distance with others, that means one family will use one big tree shade. So, if you don't want to bring much stuff like sunshade, tents, table, and chairs, arrive before 10am or after 5pm.

The beach - From 25°21'22.0"N 56°21'05.1"E to 25°22'13.4"N 56°20'57.5"E
Free hot water shower - 25°21'23.3"N 56°21'03.9"E
My tree (Don't stay here!) - 25°22'11.0"N 56°20'55.1"E just next to a cold water shower, KFC, Pizzahut, and Wendy's!
High seasons: All seasons, but not recommended to visit in Summer daytime.

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