16 June 2020

English media search information for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE - 두바이, 아부다비, 아랍에미레이츠에 관한 영어 뉴스 및 정보 검색 등

English media search information for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE 두바이, 아부다비, 아랍에미레이츠에 관한 영어 뉴스 및 정보 검색 등 One of the issue to live in Dubai, maybe in Abu Dhabi, in UAE is English news for this region. I know, many of information said this country is using English and Arabic as official languages, but actually, Arabic is a standard and translated version of English is the secondary one. Also, as an expat or a foreigner, some times I concerned about some military or political tensions in this region. Then, of course, I looked some news about the situation. But the problem was where can I see the news? which news can I believe? (Sorry, this country is not a democracy and freedom of speech country) So, I want to share what I saw and where checked news. 1. Daily news [Newspaper]/Gulf News: I had subscribed printed news but it was my mistake. Some times they didn't deliver (or someone stolen) and very expensive. You can read general and daily announced information such as changed rules, road closures and so on. Nothing bad news about the middle east. Only shows good news first and something officially announced. (https://gulfnews.com) But still it is a good media to check daily updates. [Newspaper]/Khaleej Times: My opinion is the same as Gulf News. But sometimes this news media shows faster updates than Gulf News. (https://www.khaleejtimes.com) [Radio] Dubai Eye 103.8mhz: This is the most and the only clear and nice English speaking news radio in Dubai. You can listen in Dubai city, but hard to listen clearly in some parts of Abu Dhabi and suburban of Dubai area. However, I couldn't hear "bad news" about UAE or middle east politically. The channel is focusing on general news, economy and cultural things. For more information (https://www.dubaieye1038.com) If some cases I really need to check the region situation or issues in global, I watched BBC UK news and CNN through YouTube. That was the only and best option to hear actual NEWS. 2. Global/Political issues [Internet Updates]/BBC UK: Of course, it is one of most trusted media in Global, but also time differences are only 3 hours between Gulf and London. So, if some cases happen, I recommend checking the BBC first. [Internet Updates]/CNN International: If some cases between Arab countries and the US, CNN is the fastest way to check the information I think. [Internet Updates]/Al Jazeera This media would be an alternative way to check the Gulf issues information. https://www.aljazeera.com 3. General TV Buy internet TV set top box from your country which can be installed VPN services. I know VPN is prohibitive to use in this country but no one had an issue because of this. I think All of home internet services including home TV services (I tried to save money without TV plan, but no way), but could not check the program schedules, some times they changed channel numbers, re-broadcast one day later, most of them are Arabic channel (they said ??? English channel included but some times they are using English except SD quality CNN. Even NGC is Arabic). So, the best option is an internet TV set top box with VPN application. 4. Other information Use Reddit. Dubai has two major channels, /Dubai and /DubaiCentral. Usually, I'm using both channels, but if some post is not good news related to the politic or any minor prohibition, /Dubai removed the post. So, check both of them.

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